English Day 2014

On 28th February 2014, school students enjoyed planned activities for English Day in a traditional English environment. They played games and competitions, they attended a play that was acted out by 4th year pupils, set in the Wild West. They dressed up with the most stylish English garments that they could find in their English closet at home, they made hats and pamela hats, they tasted delicious English tea pastries and they stared at The Royal Guard while the soldiers were visiting the classrooms to introduce children to Her Gracious Majesty, Queen Elisabeth. Here you can see a picture taken that day. You can find the rest of the pictures in the English Day Gallery.

foto intro

Week Camp 2014

On the 4th, 5th and 6th June 2014, 4th year pupils enjoyed their well-deserved Week Camp. For some days they lived, played and talked in an anglophone environment. There is no doubt it was a special and one-of-a kind experience that let them grow up a little bit more, for some days that they will never forget. Here you are a picture of these happy days. You can see all of them in the Week Camp Gallery.


Queen’s Guard

Here you can see some pictures of the Royal Guard introducing to Her Gracious Majesty, Queen Elisabeth. You can find more of these pictures in the English Day Gallery.

Play – A day in the West

4th year pupils turned out to be excellent actors and actresses. That’s why they acted out for us a play set in the old West, in the best English artistic style, on English Day. Wild Indians, stray bullets and a Saloon full of cowboys, dancers, gamblers and thieves let the children give free rein to their innate abilities for performance. Here you are some frames of the play.

Campaña de libros y material 2014-15

Ya ha finalizado la venta de libros en la tienda on-line del colegio.